Yoga & Fitness Staff


Josh Jubb

Hailing from the North of England, Josh has been teaching adventure sports since he was 16. Drawing from his degree in Adventure Sports Coaching and involvement in mountain sports he started a winter conditioning class for the climbers and adventure athletes of Anchorage, AK. With sport specific movements, an emphasis on form and sense of community the class thrived. Josh uses body weight exercises, dynamic kettlebell movements and fluid combinations to improve your ability to move your body as a unit.

BA (Hons) Adventure Sports Coaching
NASM Certified Personal Trainer



Don Harris

Don has been a naturally gifted athlete for his whole life.  Always fast and athletic he always was one of the better athletes on the field.  Whether it was Football, Basketball, Baseball or Track, he always found himself placing among the best through high school. That is until a 3rd degree eversion ankle sprain put him on the sidelines.  The journey through rehab was actually the beginning for him as he became fascinated with how all the moving parts of the body work together. As he brought his body back into function he started to understand the benefits of how exercise, when incorporated into practical movements, help with every facet of mobility and strength.



Kristen Shaw

A Pacific NW native, Kristen thrives on being in the outdoors. With activities that range from climbing and hiking, wakeboarding, SUP, to sailing in the summer, and skiing and snowboarding in the winter. Her feet are happiest in motion except when they land in stillness on her yoga mat.
Kristen teaches a vinyasa style class that includes opportunities to work on breath, balance, building strength, core, and flexibility. Weaving in inspirational themes to explore your edge, as well as both mental and physical self awareness, her class sequences are a creative balance of flowing movement to finding calm with time to stretch and ease into relaxation. She believes in yoga for everyBODY, and teaches for all levels to ensure a class where everyone can optimize performance, prevent injuries, & restore.

Kate Kramer

Kate grew up in Chicago running track and cross-country in school focusing on the mile and the 800 meter races.  After college she discovered a love for rock climbing and trail running in Arizona.  Deciding she had enough hot weather, Kate moved to Seattle in 2012 and began practicing yoga and learning to swing dance. Previously working in the hotel industry, Kate believed in maintaining a consistent workout, whether she was in a hotel or at home, without being dependent on a traditional gym membership.  After becoming a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), she was thrilled to learn from Mercedes Pollmeier and apply her expanded knowledge of fitness. Kate has found a love for teaching clients bodyweight and balance exercises they can take with them anywhere as well as help increase performance in their individual activities.



Jessica Chung

Jessica is a Structural Medicine Specialist and works closely with a variety of health professionals and athletes in the Seattle area. As a certified yoga instructor, she has completed trainings with teachers in different styles from Iyengar to Forrest yoga. Her background includes ballet and modern dance and she has studied at Cornish College of the Arts and the University of Washington. She enjoys sport climbing and will most likely start focusing more on playing in the mountains when she is done dancing (but she probably won’t ever truly be done dancing).

She passionately believes in the healing power of yoga and is a part of Yoga Behind Bars, a non-profit yoga community that offers classes to incarcerated people.



Tera Bucasas

Tera is a certified yoga instructor, nutritional therapy practitioner and creator of the online yoga program Yoga for Healing. She completed her teacher training during a time in her life where power was her passion, but when her health took a turn she had to reestablish her relationship with her body and with yoga. This experience taught her the benefits of slowing down our practice, listening to our body, and how deeply yoga can heal beyond the physical. Her classes focus on building a solid foundation on and off the mat physically, mentally and emotionally. You’ll find her classes accessible, welcoming and sometimes a bit silly…because not taking ourselves too seriously is an important part of a well rounded yoga practice.