Climbing Staff


Bret Johnston Manager

1. I have two wiener dogs.
2. More than one VW member probably babysat me as a kid.
3. I am the youngest USAC National Chief Routesetter in the country.
4. I am a fantasy football nerd.
5. Vertical World is family.
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Mattie J. Wheeler Regional Director of Programs and Instruction

1. I first drove a car when I was 10 on the Bonneville salt flats speedway. My dad had me sit on a phonebook to be able to see over the wheel.
2. Foraging is the best! Berries, Morels, Chantrelles, and Asparagus are mostly what I seek but I’m always trying to learn more.
3. I enjoy simple pleasures like watching it rain when the sun shines through it and you can see every drop.
4. I dream of living on a lot of land and owning a cow.
5. I like trucks, Toyota Trucks.
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Tristan O’Mara Head Instructor

1. I know more names of wildflowers than I do people.
2. My favorite inanimate object is a train.
3. When I’m adventuring outside, I follow a strict pop tart only diet.
4. I can’t whistle to save my life.
5. My most embarrassing climbing moment is when I tore my leggings at the top of Mt Shuksan and had to descend with my butt showing. Yes, there were other people around.
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PJ Daley  Groups Coordinator

1. I’m a hobbyist photographer.
2. I meow sometimes when surprised.
3. I’ve climbed in Argentina.
4. I wrote a book before college.
5. I love red wine.

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Renata Kalnin Youth Program Coordinator

1. I have all the jumping ability of the average corgi. This doesn’t stop me from trying to dyno, and I’ll stick one someday.
2. In college, I studied public health and worked the night shift as an EMT.
3. I’ve climbed 4 of the hundred highest peaks in Washington in one 24 hour period, from two trailheads.
4. Nearly all of my outdoor gear is lime green. It’s not my favorite color, but it is a color that goes on sale a lot.
5. My preferred climbing/backpacking/ski touring fuel is Swedish fish.
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Andrew Featherston Events & Outreach Coordinator

1. I am an identical twin.
2. I once summited Mt Fuji in shorts.
3. If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be chips and salsa
4. In high school, my youth club ultimate team won a national championship.
5. Wayne Brady once asked me if I had a dog biscuit, I didn’t :(

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Brock_Dion (1)

Brock Dion Social Media Coordinator

1. My sourdough starter’s name is Leaven Worth.
2. I’ve restored a conversion van and helped restore a sailboat.
3. As a kid, I once had a 2nd degree sunburn. I hate vinegar because of it.
4. Once, while surfing, one of my fins split the webbing on my left-hand.
5. Cream cheese gives me the hiccups.


Jory Griffith Retail Coordinator

1. I once ran into an electric fence because I was too excited about seeing alpacas (I love alpacas).
2. I went to university in Canada and now regularly say “eh”.
3. I can hyperextend my elbows. Ask me to do it it’s extremely disturbing.
4. The worst injury I’ve had was from falling on a treadmill.
5. My one wish is for my dog to love me. I try so hard but she remains aloof.


Andy Miller