Climbing Staff


Bret Johnston Manager

1. I have two wiener dogs.
2. More than one VW member probably babysat me as a kid.
3. I am the youngest USAC National Chief Routesetter in the country.
4. I am a fantasy football nerd.
5. Vertical World is family.
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Mattie J. Wheeler Regional Director of Programs and Instruction

1. I first drove a car when I was 10 on the Bonneville salt flats speedway. My dad had me sit on a phonebook to be able to see over the wheel.
2. Foraging is the best! Berries, Morels, Chantrelles, and Asparagus are mostly what I seek but I’m always trying to learn more.
3. I enjoy simple pleasures like watching it rain when the sun shines through it and you can see every drop.
4. I dream of living on a lot of land and owning a cow.
5. I like trucks, Toyota Trucks.
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PJ Daley  Assistant Gym Manager/Groups Coordinator

1. I’m a hobbyist photographer.
2. I meow sometimes when surprised.
3. I’ve climbed in Argentina.
4. I wrote a book before college.
5. I love red wine.

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Brock Dion Social Media Coordinator

1. My sourdough starter’s name is Leaven Worth.
2. I’ve restored a conversion van and helped restore a sailboat.
3. As a kid, I once had a 2nd degree sunburn. I hate vinegar because of it.
4. Once, while surfing, one of my fins split the webbing on my left-hand.
5. Cream cheese gives me the hiccups.


Sam Heaney Front Desk

1. I am originally from England but I have lived in the U.S. since 2015
2. I have a retired racing greyhound named Frank.
3. Indian food is my favorite cuisine.
4. Traditional film photography is one of my hobbies.
5. I like owls.

Andy Miller Head Instructor

1. I can blow bubbles off my tongue
2. You can find my dog and I at Discovery Park each day.
3. I have perfected the art of making calzones.
4. I am a certified tax professional.
5. Ask me for a music playlist.

Ryan Casella Youth Program Coordinator

1. My first full-time job was working with the Merchant Marine to restore WWII Victory-class ships.
2. I used to do cancer research, but this is way more fun.
3. Reese’s cups are my go-to, but the pieces are a travesty!
4. I thoroughly dislike climbing in long pants.
5. Climbing should be for all!

Franky Jose Front Desk


Wade Doty Front Desk


Shantel Garcia Front Desk