Rules, Policies, and Guidelines



• Do not climb above or below anyone and always be aware of your surroundings.

• Remember that all bouldering falls are ground falls. A fall from any height can result in serious injury.

• Landing surfaces are not designed to prevent injuries to the extremities.

• When falling, try your best to “roll out” of your falls (feet, butt, back).

• Down climbing is always encouraged whenever possible.

• Keep landing surface clear of all equipment except chalk bags.

• Shoes must be worn (no bare feet).

• No running.

• Report any spinning holds or safety concerns to the front desk.

• Bouldering and traversing is allowed within any section of the gym.

• In roped areas no part of your body shall go above the yellow “bouldering height limit” sign when not on belay.

• All climbers 13 and under must be directly supervised by an individual 14 years or older when bouldering.



• Vertical World waiver must be signed by all participants.

• Shirts must be worn at all times.

• Closed-toe shoes are required in all fitness areas, except during yoga classes, or while using climbing training apparatus without weights.

• No rock shoes allowed anywhere except climbing walls.

• Children 13 and under must be directly supervised by an individual 14 years or older at all times.

• Wipe down all equipment after use.

• Put away and organize all equipment after use.

• Outside instruction, coaching, or training is not allowed.

• Be mindful of your surroundings, share equipment, and be respectful of others’ personal space, especially when the gym is busy.

• Do not drop or slam any equipment on the floor.